A Witches Walk during the Waxing Tides

Dear Friends,
So this week-end I celebrated Imbolc.

I also went to my U.U. Church service and then spent a delightful afternoon in conversation with Tracie the Red.  Monday I was ill, headaches at the back of my skull where the neck meets the back of the skull… a friend of mine says that’s where the sinuses are.  Not sure of that but I was light-sensitive and not in the best of moods until after dark.

I spend the day listening to some podcasts and cleaning my rooms a bit, more work to be done on that front but it has begun.  I unpacked the bag with the gear from the ritual and set my altar in order.  I burned some incense and cleaned a few bottles that had collected over the last several that I am sure I will be using soon… I have that urge to spellcraft and cunning some worts and all that jazz.

So in part inspired by some of the Witchy podcasts I’d listened too, and in part by the Imbolc rite, and by the pulls of magick and tides of life, I went for a walk.  I took a small red paper gift bag I had handy and put a few things into it…

1. Athame

2. An old hip-flask rum bottle filled with Pomegranate Juice

3. A whole Pomegranate

4. A small glass jar with a cork top, full of Black Tea leaves

5. An Apple, which had been sitting on my altar in offering to the Gods, and some Barley in the same situation as said Apple.

I walked into the night.  At various places throughout my late night walking, I cast out handfuls of Black Tea in offering to the Spirits of the Land.

I walked until I found a place where three paths could reasonably be said to meet, by a lake, near a boat ramp so the trees of the Earth framed the Sky and Waters nicely.  There I poured out the Pomegranate Juice to the Morrighan, an offering of gratitude for not smiting me some years ago.

I walked until I found a place where the Live Oaks were covered with Spanish Moss and it felt as if any offering left would be left to its own devices.  I took my Witches Blade and cut the Pomegranate in half and made offerings to the Spirits of the Land.

I walked until I found a part of the walking path where it felt right to leave out the offerings to the Gods.  To toss the Apple into the woods and to cast forth the Barley.

I walked, and realized as I did so that I had walked Widdershins round the pond with the signs the warn against swimming for here-there-be-Alligators.  I walked and felt power behind me, a sense of being pushed or warned away from where I had left my offerings.  I completed my circuit and walked back towards my apartment rooms and the everyday holy world, musing as I did so that sometimes in the early stages of these sorts of relationships discretion is the better part of valor.




4 thoughts on “A Witches Walk during the Waxing Tides

  1. “sometimes in the early stages of these sorts of relationships discretion is the better part of valor”

    Ain’t that the truth! Props for considering that; my experience is that sometimes places/things want attention, sometimes they don’t. It strikes me as being kinda wtf when someone figures that just because “it’s nature!”(cues birds blooming and flowers singing) they’ll get invited for a sleepover first thing.

    Have you ever read “KILL YOU AND EAT YOU – Or, A Well-Intentioned Celt’s Guide to Non-Celtic Bioregions” by Raven nic Rhóisín and Kathryn Price NicDhàna? Kathryn had fun in Florida too:


    1. Pax

      Oh, yes!!!

      I’ve read that fine essay.

      What I need to find is an essay or some ideas on befriending the land/local spirits…. gardening is not an option as I am in an apartment setting.


  2. I’m a bit off center in that I seem to hear non-human type intelligences better than human-ish ones, but I usually start off with consumables. I go stand or sit wherever it feels like a good enough idea to, i.e. I don’t get that “getthehellout!!!!” thing, with something to eat or drink, and see if I taste or smell anything. If I get a tickle to pour some out or leave some food, I do. I also just wait a bit and see if I get a taste or smell of anything that I don’t have with me at the time – they’re pretty good about getting the idea across if they want something. Haven’t found anything yet that didn’t like peanut butter and Nutella, and it’s worth noting that I don’t really like peanut butter myself. So if I get a mad craving for it, it’s usually because someone else wants some. I get asked for milk a whole lot.

    If they don’t want me there, or just want to be left alone, I honor that. If I have to intrude for some reason, I try to get some of the wights that have stuck with me long-term to attempt to mediate. Once in a while I get ones that will communicate via pendulum. A buddy of mine that works with more humanesque intelligences leaves money or stones as often as food.

    This is the text of the class I do on wights; KYAEY is in the recommended reading handout, and there are more links at the end of the notes:


    Lemme know if any of that helps; I tend to lab rat my UPGs and comparison/contrast is always good!

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