When the Spirits take you for a walk…

Dear Friends,

So I had just gotten home from work, and was indulging in a cigar.   It has been an exhausting few days… busy at work and with a lot of scheduling changes and exciting new projects coming up…. and so I allowed myself an indulgence…

I stood outside before taking my things in, smoking and just being open to the moment and I felt a pull to the area I walked through a couple of weeks ago… so I started walking.  It was a subtle pull, sometimes a nudging push, leading me on a walk past the here-there-be-alligators pond, but not around it.  I stood for a while at a t-shaped not-quite-cross-roads part of the path and stood for a moment greeting the Spirits.

I tried to ask them what they wanted.  Did they want something from me?  Water?  Offerings?  Witness?  Caretaking?  I felt nudged to walk along, and pick up some of the paper trash lying by the path I walked.  There were a few pieces of paper trash that were close to the water, and underneath some tree branches, that were to be left alone… I thought about and was willing to pick them up but got the sense that they had been …. claimed?

Along the way there were some empty apartment units that seemed to call for occupancy, a message to find a place of my own rather than rooms with a roommate?  Get closer to land maybe?

So I continued along, pushed and pulled by the Spirits and found myself walking past a recycling dumpster, and along through the complex grounds…  and then back to my car and the door to my place.  The whole message of recycling is of course obvious, but it doesn’t feel like that was THE message.

The vexing thing was that there was no clear-cut message, but a sense of being watched and tentatively welcomed?  I don’t know maybe a sense of the Spirits seeing if I am capable of listening and being respectful?

I hope I was a good guest.



3 thoughts on “When the Spirits take you for a walk…

    1. Pax

      The Fabulous Jonathan was, in fact. supplied with some Tiramisu; Geoffrey has yet to move in, but it is under advisement….

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