“He dinked with the blog again!”

Dear Friends,

So I have, as you can see, played  the format of the blog a bit.   Partly my eyes are very fatigued and irritable due to allergy issues.  The City Beautiful it it’s environs are swathed in an almost ridiculous level of pollen this year, and I am feeling particularly under the pollen about it!

For those of you who want a dark print on light background, or who don’t dig the excess stuff on the sides the new Readability App site has some very useful tools!

You will note that currently only the main page and the online resources has all the additional links and stuff on the side.  I will be working and re-working content on some of the pages as I am able, and those two pages seem to me to make the most sense to have the other links and buttons and stuff.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week,


2 thoughts on ““He dinked with the blog again!”

  1. Gene

    It almost looks like you have the same basic design as Holy Angels Catholic Community, but then again, websites do fall into certain design categories.

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