Altar & Offerings,… & a birthday wrap up…

Dear Friends,

So the March Equinox passed with only a few brief prayers from yours truly, work and the mad rush of days conspired against anything deeper for Ostara… I was also a little moody and distracted this week, for a number of reasons, and distracted by some up-in-the-air things at work, and then too Sunday the 27th was my birthday.

Saturday night I was lured out of my lair by The Fabulous Jonathan to watch the Universal Studios Mardi Gras Parade at the park, after a brief but spectacular fit of moody-bastardy on yours truly’s part, need to work on those control issues of mine some more it seems.  I eventually went out and had a very nice time with Jonathan and his mom Kathleeen.  TFJ and I rode The Mummy, a requirement of any park pilgrimage, and then went back to where his mom had parked herself in the handicapped parade watching spot and enjoyed the imitation spectacle of it all.  I didn’t actually catch any beads, although I did get slapped in the face by a set… that counts doesn’t it?  (I kept trying to get Jonathan to show them his tits in an effort to get more beads, but he balked and alleged shyness.)  The Krewe of Dionysus float was especially festive this year as was King Gator.  Jonathan and I have promised one another that someday we will journey to someplace that does a genuine Mardi Gras parade and see a real one.

Then it was work on the overnight at the motel, then a brief nap and off to 1U, my local U.U. Church, for my regular Ushering shift, and some socialization with folks there and then I was taken out by my dear friend Sandi for the new and delightful experience of Vietnamese food.  Sandi is a retiree who became my first friend at Church and occasional pew-buddy, has unofficially adopted a number of us at Church and we are all very blessed for it.  Sandi and I have been working together on the food/catering committee for the upcoming U.U. Florida Disctrict Assembly coming up in April and as a consequence a number of us on the foods committee have ended up lunching together each Friday and discovered a shared delight in culinary arts and exploration… thanks to them I have discovered some fabulous local restaurants I might not have known about otherwise… including a nice Middle Eastern Deli and a fantabulous Thai Restaurant… and now a Vietnamese place.

I’d never had Vietnamese food before, and Sandi was my guide as I tried a fantastic Beef Noodle Soup… “Pho” something-something…. (here’s where being bad with names is a big hindrance) … and some Summer Roll (which are the uncooked, wrapped in rice-dough, rolls I knew as Spring Rolls in Anchorage…)  … and dish which featured a very yummy sauce and vegies and shrimp and chicken with some wedges of fried noodle cakes.  I find Vietnamese food hard to describe but insidiously delicious!

Jonathan, however is a strictly “Chinese” Buffet man… despite this deep flaw in his character I love him still.

So after Lunch I came home, passed out for a while, woke up and responded to numerous Facebook birthday greetings and called some of my family and friends.  Then more sleep.

Today, I woke up to thunder in the distance and the sounds of rain.  There is a much welcomed and blessed and needed rain falling intermittently today, and projected to continue throughout the week.  Florida has had intermittent but ongoing drought issues for the last few years, so any extended period of rain is to be welcomed…

I have been contemplating the sporadic nature of my devotions and spiritual practices of late, partly as the seasons change and partly as I have recently filled my journal and am starting on a new one.  I have reserved the first 9 pages or so of the new journal (gifted to me Christmas of ’09 by TFJ’s mom) for notes for myself about my goals and needs and desires and hopes moving forward… and that plus  the review of the previous journal has given me some food for thought and a nudge about practice and devotion…

So I have lit the candles on my altar, and poured an offering or water to the Gods and Guardian Spirits of my home.  The Money Candle has been cleaned and lit so the flame shines through the silver and gold lines of ink script on the glass, the Bridhid Candle from Imbolc has been lit, my Chalice is lit (it’s a U.U. thing my dear Pagans….), and a trio of black votives are lit before Hecate’s altar-shelf.

A cup of water,  a dish of rice, and some Lavendar mixed with Frankincense and Myrrh and Copal,  have been placed by the open windows, offered to the cleansing and healing and nourishing rains and winds and weather.

Rest and contemplation before game tonight, and then some much needed paperwork and maybe some professional development or some work on the some of my writing projects.



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