We approach Walpurgis Night, May Eve…

Dear Friends,

In some folklore May Eve or Walpurgis Night or Walpurgisnacht is a time when Witches and Spirits are abroad, the bonfires associated with this Holiday in Europe are said by some to be lit to ward off wandering Spirits and Ghosts.  Many contemporary Pagans focus more on life and fertility and the Fey and Nature Spirits this time of year, and they are an important part of the equation, but The Beloved and Honored Dead are also amongst us this time of year.

I will need to keep some Barley apart from my packing, or perhaps set aside a bottle of Wine and some Bread and Fruit and sneak off for a midnight picnic with The Fabulous Jonathan to honor the Night and the Spirits of May Eve as well as the Passion and Playfulness of May Day and the Fey.

Honor the Holy Powers, Honor Life, Honor The Living and The Dead.



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