Crossroads Offerings…

Hello Friends,

So I am in the middle of a very busy roller-coastery time right now, may be moving again with TFJ and I going to an apt of our own… I am working and rolling with the punches of recent losses and also trying to find the time and energy and focus to write something meaningful for the upcoming Pagan Values event in June…

I am also trying to write each day or at least more regularly…

The rush of days has run over me lately, and I am simply tired. So much activity and so many emotional ups and downs and through it all this worry that things won’t work out and a sense that they will… Being still, near the Dark of the Moon and given so many big decisions have been made and turning points have occurred… I decided an offering to Hekate was in order.

Though a T-shaped intersection and not the Y that I would prefer for honoring Her, the addition of the Stop Sign effectively makes it three roads rather than two and sometimes you do what you can, where and when you can, with what you have available. So late in the night I went to the Cross-roads, I held 13 Pennies in my hand.

I said,
“I make an offering unto Hekate of the Cross-roads,”
and tossed the coins high into the air above me. Closing my eyes and listening to them rain down.

I held up the bottle of pomegranate juice,

“I pour an offering unto Hekate of the Cross-roads,”

I poured out half the bottle, and walked away without turning back. Later, out of sigh of the cross-roads, I toasted Her with the remaining Pomegranate juice.

What ways do you honor the Gods or Holy Powers in your life?


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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