So I still stink at seated meditation and yet…

Hello Dear Friends,

Things have been busy and unsettled… and yet I have found comfort and strength and emotional and spiritual sustenance in my Religions, of Paganism and Unitarian Universalism, and Spiritual Practices.  The one practice that I pursue, yet am still trying to master, is that of Seated meditation.  I don’t know if it is just my A.D.D. or the fact that solitary meditation is more difficult for me than group meditation…but I have a heck of a time yoking myself to the practice of seated silent meditation.

But I can, when I remember to, dance with mindfulness.   Simple breath awareness, being as aware of my breathing as I am of a cold glass of water on a hot humid day, brings me to some mindfulness.  It was a blessing today.

After the end of work this morning I found myself standing outside for a few moments.  I breathed and just tried to empty my mind… and felt the morning breeze… and watched the flight of morning birds… and saw and appreciated the glorious patchwork greens of the tops and undersides of the Live Oak leaves, and the palm fronds, and grass, and vines and leaves… and the clouds at play in the sky… and I breathed it all in for a few moments.  Even a few moments of mindfulness and presence in the face of holy creation, of which we are all a part, can bring us back to Center, to Ground, to balance and reality.



4 thoughts on “So I still stink at seated meditation and yet…

  1. wedschild

    This may be sort of random, but have you considered moving meditation such as Tai Chi? Or one of the other martial arts?

    The movement and mantra combination that I learned in Tai Chi was very helpful and much more useful to me than seated. (You could try standing meditation too. I find seated meditation can be difficult because I tend to focus on the physical discomfort. Standing is less stressful on my knees and hips.)

  2. Pax


    I have long wanted to explore Tai Chi or Yoga… but am much more intimately acquainted with walking meditation… just dropping and opening my attention and walking… and standing or sitting upright (in a chair) seems to work better for me that sitting cross-legged…

    I have actually promised myself a Tai Chi dvd when I get a few spare coins…
    Peace, and Thanks,

  3. Mindfulness meditation is of particular interest to me. While seated meditation may be difficult for you, it sounds like you do a lot better at walking meditation than me… and you get blessed by this ability! This does not sound like a problem.

    I took Tai Chi lessons until coin became an issue, and I hope to return eventually. I was learning to focus on matching breathing to movement, which keeps your mind quite busy with the present. I didn’t realize how this parallels mindfulness until now.

  4. If walking meditation works for you, that’s wonderful! I use walking, sitting and writing – I’m an adherent of Julia Cameron’s the Artist’s Way, so every morning I write three pages stream of consciousness. This helps a lot with more still forms of meditation for me, and it might help you with the stronger side of your busy mind.

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