For the first time in all too long, I ~feel~ like “we” are a part of “We The People” too.


Hail Herne,

Hail Libertas, Hail Justica,

Hail Holy Antinous,

Hail all The Holy Powers,

Hail to My Queer Forefathers and Formothers back unto the Begining,

Thank you, thank you, Ten Thousand Thank Yous!




Dear Friends,

I am ecstatically happy to see New York having added itself to the roster of States that support Marriage Equality.  I am joyous for my Queer Brothers and Sisters and Siblings of All Sorts who are experiencing one of the most celebratory Prides of their lifetimes.

The population of New York is greater than the COMBINED populations of the other 5 States where Marriage Equality exists… well, you can search for background information…

But I just feel this overwhelming sense of joy and a tear-filled hopefulness that I as a Gay man might see true legal and social equality in my lifetime.  I am also tearful because it has struck home for me how long I had simply accepted that on some level I might not live long enough to  see that full equality.

I shall wrestle with that, and with some of the other thoughts and feelings that this victory is awakening in my Soul, then I shall look for ways to stand up to Invoke my Rights and seek what I can do to lay hands on the Moral Arc and give it a push in the direction of Justice and Equality…



3 thoughts on “For the first time in all too long, I ~feel~ like “we” are a part of “We The People” too.

  1. credencedawg

    fantastic! hugs, applause, and happy dances! I know what it’s like to suddenly realise that I lived a whole part of my life not even thinking I had any place in that vision of any kind of real community or family future. I grew up with the assumption that I would never be able to get married or have children – not me, my siblings, my friends, no one even thought of it, considered it, thought it was any kind of entitlement or issue for a man who loves men – and that affects your life from childhood onwards.

    Our healing will come from equality bro, and it will heal the whole of our lives.

    blessed be

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