Chrysalis Classics and notes on writing about the journey

Hey Friends,

So I have added (or actually moved and updated) a page called Chrysalis Classics, which you can see in the navigation bars.  These are pieces I think represent some of my better writing and are ideas I may revisit, or are pieces that are somehow touchstones for me.  I am also thinking of committing publication, using some of those essay’s as starting off points, so I would appreciate some feedback.

I had mentioned work on a book about meditation, and it’s not coming together yet, partly because it is a practice I have a lot of trouble with.  Then too, some of this is admittedly that roughly June through September are a mad-house time in the Hosptality industry in Florida… some of it.  There were also the deaths and grief and some personal and work dramas that have lurched through my Summertime 2011.   It’s interesting really… back in Alaska, Winter is the Season to be endured; increasingly here in Florida, especially for me lately, Summer has been the time to endure and perservere until Autumn once again brings its healing balm back to the land and my life.

Along with poor parched Florida I am feeling nourished by the recent rains in the Orlando area.  I am feeling some rant’s come on me again, and the stirrings of my Muse as I begin to not only have a little more time to think and write, but also come out of a trance of griefs.  I have wrestled with those dangerious spirits of Should-have… and Could-have…  and Why-didn’t-I…   There’s been survivor’s guilt and drama and mind games and feeling tossed around and a bunch of needless fear.  In my sadness I’d forgotten some of myself, but I’ve not only remembered but with all the wrestling and swimming in the currents has come new realizations and understanding and some evolutions in my daily practice and my relationship with Him.

Anyhow, take a look at the Chrysalis Classics and the Spiritual Practice and the Definitions pages cause I am feeling lately like several of these have been pre-writing for ~something~, and would dearly like some feedback.



PS- if any of my reader’s is familiar with the Botanica pharmecopia (as it were) is there an equivalent to Fiery Wall of Protection Oil?  There an authentic and very reasonably priced Botanica not too far from where I work and they have a marvelous selection of oils and waters, but they are all labelled in Spanish and while the pictures on such things are always evocative they are not always informative and the folks running the place didn’t know what Fiery Wall of Protection Oil was so I don’t think there’s a direct equivalent… any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Chrysalis Classics and notes on writing about the journey

  1. Heya, Pax. Couldn’t turn up any exact equivalents for FWoP, but I did a little digging for ya’ anyway. Two viable options may be to 1) Look for the label that reads, “Muro de fuego del aceite de Protección”, or 2) possibly make some of your own.

    I’m sure that for every practitioner, there’s likely to be a different recipe, but here’s one that I could track down that was drawn from “The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells”. Best of luck to you.

    1. Pax

      Hey Thank you! I will be experimenting with some Fiery Wall oil later this year, but I always like to know where there are some ready to buy supplies available, especially when they are affordable.

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