Looking back on the trail…

Dear Friends,

It can be very strange to look back on a period of difficulty and fear and strife and realize that you ~had~ to go through it to get to a good place now…

As I look around our apartment, I find myself realizing that it is the physical manifestation of a lot of my desires and hopes and prayers; it also would not have happened without an exceptionally stress-filled Summer.  I am reminded of many things by this… there is of course “Be careful what you ask for…”

More than that, however, there is a sense of the importance of regular and daily Spiritual Practice and Prayer and of not being afraid to engage in your mortal and Divine and somewhere-in-between relationships.  There is a sense of being open to one’s personal journey, willing to travel the difficult roads… willing to face the difficulties, willing to be forged into something stronger, purer, bore functional and bore beautiful and more useful by the hands of fate…

Sometimes, being worked upon by the Universe, hurts.  Sometime there is fear and pain and stress.  Sometimes… and sometimes there is joy and wonder and humor… sometimes.  There will be times in our journeys we want to cry, or run-away.  There will be times we are going to be transfixed with realization or laughter.  There will  be times where the fear and anger and wonder and realization are mixed into a strange and heady brew, and it’s all we can do to hold to our Center and keep moving forward.

There is always practice, there is always the mirror of our contemplations, there is always prayer, and there is always friendship and spiritual fellowship.

What are you seeking?  What are you giving?  What are you willing to go through to get it?



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