Not something I am good at or have much practice with.  Not that I’m against the idea mind you, it’s just not how I was raised?  Grudge-holding would be much more in my family tradition.  Unhealthy, to be sure, but familiar.

I am working on some issues of forgiveness.

There are some folks of my acquaintance whom I must have dealings with on a fairly regular basis whom I mistakenly placed my trust and friendship with.  They are not bad people necessarily, they just don’t particularly care about anyone outside of their own little clique.   My wariness of them is limiting me in some respects, in some of my social circles, and I want to move past what has passed; yet at the same time I am not ready to trust them.  So emotionally I am in tender and tricky waters…

It may seem odd to propose forgiveness without trust, but though related I believe they are separate threads within our lives.  Forgiveness is letting go of what has passed.  Trust is opening our deepest, and often vulnerable, selves to a shared future.

I seek the one, but am not yet ready (if I ever will be) for the other.

The journey continues….

One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. wedschild

    I think that it is perfectly healthy to forgive, but not forget. Forgiving is for you, not the person who hurt you. By forgiving, one releases oneself from the need to stay hurt, to stay angry, and stay rooted in the past. Forgiving allows growth.
    Forgetting is completely different. If one forgets, one can be hurt over and over by the same people. This is not a virtue, this is the inability to learn from one’s mistakes.
    And trust is a topic in a whole different arena.

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