Puttering in the Kitchen

I had a jar of water that had been left behind in the Church sanctuary the week-end before, entirely on accident mind you (don’t look at me over your eyeglasses like that Veles, it was!) my work schedule that week was after Church, and then this last week I worked the overnight before Church and almost forgot the water again but happened to see the jar set down behind the Greeters station and picked it up.  It wasn’t until I was walking to my car to head home for some blessed sleep that the possibilities of a jar of water steeping in the quiet and peace of the Sanctuary started percolating in my Witchy little mind.

I boiled it on the stove and steeped some Rosemary in it and it’s sitting on the kitchen windowsill cooling.

Rosemary is traditionally held to influence on or powers of Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, and Youth.  It’s practically the swiss-army-herb of folk magick!

I wonder if it’s protection or healing and sleep that I am feeling the need for?


PS- for those who are probably wondering how I happened to have a full mason jar of water after pouring my water into the communal bowl for the U.U. Water Communion Service at 1U… Well, I was going to pour a second libation after services, and take some of the water from our Water Communion Service and pour some on the Church grounds for the Spirits of Place and Nature, and pour some in the Memorial Garden for the Congregational Ancestors… since in my hurry and exhaustion I forgot about the jar and had to rush to work after Church that didn’t happen.

Besides they’ve gotten offerings from be a time or two before and will continue to receive them as long as I’m with 1U.

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