We are almost to the Equinox…

Dear Friends,

So this years September Equinox will be on the 23rd at about 5:04 am, if I’ve understood the oracles of Googlemancy and GMT correctly.  Mabon or Harvest Home in the Northern Hemisphere and Ostara in the Southern Hemisphere; and something-in-between here in the Sub-Tropics of Florida…

The nights have started to be livable warm, on the cusp of being cool, again and it is possible to go outside at night and not swelter!  If they haven’t already, soon the Live Oaks will begin giving up their leaves and showing their Acorns.  The Autumnal and Winter months are actually some prime going Seasons here in Florida… heck there is something growing and blossoming and being harvested nearly every month of the year here!    Thus the something-in-between of the previous paragraph…

I am STILL trying to decipher all of the Seasonal Rhythms of this Sub-Tropical wonderland I have made my home.

I have been surprised at how little helps some of my fellow Pagans here in Orlando have been in that regard… one regularly hears references in our local Public Rituals to Winter as the Fallow Season and the Rebirth of Spring with the First Stirrings of New Life ™… which just makes very little sense to me personally when we are in an enviroment with the Citrus Harvest dominating the Winter Solstice and a number of Fruit and Berry harvest festivals in February!?

I think I need to get together with some friends and reinvent the Wheel of the Year this year…

Peace, and a Happy Equinox to you,

Pax / Geoffrey

7 thoughts on “We are almost to the Equinox…

  1. I would love to hear more about how you reinvent the Wheel of the Year! I totally think you should… you don’t live in a climate where the European Wheel of the Year was born, so you shouldn’t feel beholden to it. I often wonder about Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere and encourage the ones I talk with to decipher what feels best for them… how do you honor your European cultural heritage but also honor what the earth you are living on is doing right now? Keep us updated on your Florida Festivals… The Festival of the First Cool Night, The Festival of The End of Hurricane Season, The Festival of I’m Dying Of Humidity… haha. Better you than me, brother 🙂

    1. Pax

      It’s not as bad as all that, living in Florida in the Summer is remarkably similar to having grown up and lived in Alaska during the Winter…

      You huddle in your house behind whatever climate controls you have. You go to your climate controlled vehicles and work and stores, you hurry between them actually… and as my ex used to say “You don’t have to shovel humidity!”

      Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. Yes! The Wheel of the Year (IM oh-so HO) should always be based on what is happening in nature where we live. And yet yes, we should still honor our ancestors, and not do the cultural imperialism thing.

    Beloved Wife (who is not Pagan) was recently reading a work of historical fiction set in a hot climate in pre-Christian times, and was startled that the Inanna equivalent went underground in the hot time of the year, making Fall Equinox the Festival of the Return of the Goddess, rather than Her departure. She asked me if I’d ever heard of this. I asked her to read me more, and in context it made complete sense (plus, the author really had done her research well). With the fall rains in that land came the return of the land’s fertility; with the spring and the return of the Sun came scorching heat and the loss of the land’s fertility.

    I read it when she was done, and for me, it was just really neat to have a completely different view of an equivalent of the Wheel of the Year from the one I’ve come up on and that makes sense in the places I’ve lived — but that makes complete and total sense in that geographical context.

    So I’m with you!

      1. Pax

        So Praxidike,

        Can you aim me at any good sources for examples?

        Are you referring to the general Hellenic world habit of every city-state having their own relationships with the Gods or some sort of documented differences between mother city and colony?

        From my studies I know a lot of contemporary Hellenic Polytheists will adjust the dates for some festivals so as to be in tune with the right Season at the local level (Anthestria comes to mind), and that there are some who eagerly create their own festivals and holidays relevant to their times and places…

        I am a definite Polytheist with Hellenic leanings, but am too much Witch and have had a couple of ‘oh hey’ moments from Dieties outside the Hellenic Pantheon to feel right labeling myself a Recon. Yet I still delight in the methodology, perhaps that comes from having Lettered in Speech and Debate in HS… I love having ‘evidence’ for my beliefs/arguments!

        Thanks for stopping by, by the by!

  3. Hi, Pax!

    It’s Black Ships by Jo Graham. It’s an intriguing re-telling of the Aeneid, very readable — for me, a combination of historical fiction and… I dunno how to explain; it spoke to me as a Priestess, even though of a completely different tradition. Plus, I enjoyed spending time with the characters, and wanted to know how things turned out for them.

    I liked it well enough that I’ve reserved a much-later sequel at the library.



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