Day 17, or so…

Dear Friends,

So I am 17 posts into my 28 Days of Posting, trying to jump start my writing/blogging muscles and rouse my Will and my Muse in regards to writing.   I have had a couple of times where I posted twice for a day due to the ups and downs of my schedule and commitments.   I certainly feel as if my creative self is stretching and yawning and waking up a bit more after a stress filled Summer where I dove into computer games and escapist activities….

My spiritual practices and my ongoing essay/book/whatever-it-will-end-up-being  are moving along.  I am still keeping my logbook/journal although with few exceptions it is more of a daily log book… I am working on that.  I poured out a lot of fears and insecurities into it the other night…  the book I am working on writing has a lot of notes and pieces and for a while I’ve been stuck wanting to work on the Intro… but I think I just need to let go and write the parts that are right there in front of me… look for some posts that are pre-writing and rough drafts in our future dear friends.

So, the Journey Continues…


Pax / Geoffrey

2 thoughts on “Day 17, or so…

  1. Pax

    Hey PR!!

    Well, the Log Book / Journal is a mixed blessing. It highlights what I’m not doing with my time as well as what I am… sometimes discouraging, but I try to view it as a challenge to find ways to do more with my time and a reminder to be gentle and forgiving with myself even as I am NOT giving up…

    One foot in front of the other and all that…


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