Notes from the Still Room: October 5th 2011

Dear Friends,

Veles and Dver are making me feel rather insufficiently  Witchy

So, the last few days have been busy with an 11p-7a shift followed by a 3p-11p shift… so about 4 hours of sleep in between.  I actually got some writing done sometime during that on the meditation essay/book/thing I am working on.  Sadly I haven’t had much time to come up with cool and creative blog fodder.

My mind has in the last few days been getting filled with ideas for altars and assessing the status of my Still Room projects, as I call them. (back ground here, and here)

The Crown of Success Oil has been simmered in a pot with the latest batch of Sandalwood powder and Frankincense, and sat lightly upon the Kitchen Windowsill… shaken almost daily.   I will be wanting to add more Vetivert, or perhaps some Vetivert Oil to give it that smokey silky scent?

The Rosemary Water froze in the jar in it’s place back in the top shelf of the fridge, but the jar hadn’t cracked yet, so I thawed it and placed it in a different spot and it is doing well.  I’ve used it as a skin-tonic/lustral wash after showers when I felt the need for a little extra something in my day.  I’ve been shaking the water daily and contemplating uses both cullinary and metaphysical for it… a friend once made some delightful Rosemary infused shortbread cookies (sounds weird, tastes nummy)

I’m also thinking of putting together some Rosemary infused oil, Olive Oil most likely so that I could conceivably use if for both culinary and metaphysical applications.

The salt, or rather the blessed salt as opposed to the everyday cooking salt, sits in a jar on the windowsill as well… basking in the light of the Sun and the Moon.  I bless it regularly and shake the jar and frequently use it to cook with.  I mean, may as well do what I can to bring as much blessings into my life and the life of those I love as possible right?

I’ve also taken to keeping a liter of Blessed Water in the fridge, drinking and replenishing and blessing it regularly.

The  new batch of 4 Thieves Vinegar has developed nicely and sits in it’s re-purposed Sangria bottle in the fridge in all it’s spicy peppery garlicy goodness.

The Heal Me With Apples Oil, had to be scrapped as the apples rotted away despite the oil neither a pretty site nor smell ….. next time I think I shall start with Dried Apple slices and Honey and Rosemary  but I am not sure if Olive Oil or Vodka… oil or tincture?  Hey peanut gallery any thoughts on this?

The Prosperity Powder is also on the windowsill and receives regular attention and use, sprinkled in pockets or in shoes…

Interesting that so far I’ve been is more of a making and stockpiling mode, time to start using some of this stuff and creating even more!   Maybe I’ll have to bust out that book on Soap crafting and make some Solstice gifts?

I also find it interesting as I re-read the other two Still Room posts that I’ve gotten my apartment and Kitchen/Still-Room and am liking it so far!

Now I must to bed lest the Fabulous Jonathan point the Pointing Hobbit Hand of Doom at me again for being up when we have some furniture to move in in the morning.


Pax / Geoffrey

2 thoughts on “Notes from the Still Room: October 5th 2011

  1. I’ve been on a “make stuff and stock-pile it” kick too. I think it’s the change of the seasons, because there’s nothing like a cold snap to bring me out of my summer SAD and back into the full swing of life. Plus…Halloween makes me totes Witchy, natch!

  2. Pax

    I still feel compelled to bow before your superior arts and Craftiness … of course living in the country you probably have access to some more diverse materials than one can find in the local Jo-Anne’s or what not… (is that a goat skull?!)

    You know, you’re right… SAD does kind of hit in the Summers in The South… all the heat and humidity gets all oppressive and you are hiding in doors and it is even easier to get all nocturnal…

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