Laying Fallow… and perseverance

Dear Friends,

Autumn has come to Central Florida, bringing with it cooler nights and much less humid days.  I am feeling renewed energy and creativity and I find my thoughts turning to the wisdom to be gleaned from the seasons and the cycles of nature.

It is not only OK to not be happy sometimes, it is natural.   Look at nature.  The Seasons cycle through with a season where nature lies in wait.   Many forms of Paganism are tied not only to traditional seasonal cycles of their ancestral homelands, but through their practitioners they are tied to the lands we live in now.

It is ok to not be experiencing the Numinous sometimes, it is only natural.  …  If we view Religion and Spirituality with an eye towards an aggricultural metaphor… sometimes we need to lie fallow.  To simply be, rather than experiencing growth and wonder and numinous experiences.  Sometimes our journeys are just about being in our ordinary lives with all of their challenges and triumphs and tragedies… gains and losses.   There are times where our practices and prayers and rites help us to not only experience the presence of The Holy Powers and the Numinous, the Mysterium Fascinans and Mysterium Tremends…. then there are other times where we feel rather like we must have missed something somewhere and that things just aren’t working.

With practice we till the fields of our lives and find grown and nourishment and wonder.  Practice helps us to be better in touch with these things, indeed it makes it easier to more regularly access the wonder in existence… but sometimes we need to just do our spiritual and religious thing even if we aren’t feeling it.  Sometimes we have to let the lessons and wonder of our practice percolate… to interact with our everyday existence.

Don’t fear to dive into your faiths and spiritualities and practices… but also learn to welcome to slow seasons and allow yourself to lie fallow so that new and vigorous growth can occur later.


Pax / Geoffrey


3 thoughts on “Laying Fallow… and perseverance

  1. wedschild

    I find sometimes that all I really need is to be able to lean on my faith and talk quietly with the Powers, rather than ritual and assiduous practice. By being quiet, living, being, extraordinary things happen – opportunities show up, new friends are made, or I simply get to be the witness as beautiful/joyful things happen to those around me.

    1. Pax

      I tend to get lost in the minutae of the everyday and forget the regular spiritual practices that can sustain and nourish one between the more ritual/worship/Work intensive parts of life….

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