Listening and wrestles with temptation…

Dear Friends,

So in my 28 day blitz of posting, I have had a couple of days where the timing between my blogging time and work hours and other duties and relationships I have not gotten a post out.  With my last post, I am wrestling with the temptation to not post anything… you need to lie fallow, you need to follow your muse to other creative endeavors, it’s ok people would understand, it’s not like people are expecting you to post, you aren’t obligated too…. and similar thoughts.

The thing is, I have ~stated~ that I will post for each day for 28 days and there is a powerful difference between being prevented from doing so by circumstances, and not doing it because I’m not feeling it.  If I am to be someone who gets things done, who works his will upon the world and who engages his True Will, I need to follow through on what I say I will do… whether to myself or others.  

So I post…

Other than posting… today has been about rearranging some boxes and furniture to make room for a fabulous sleeper sofa we are being given by our friends W & G.  They are redoing their living room and thus we have been donated a fabulous chair and the sleeper sofa and a coffee table…  now all we need is the right dresser or china cabinet to turn into an altar and we will fairly set for furniture!  As I do this I am listening to some of my podcasts…

Episode 49 of Elemental Castings, which I would strongly recommend.  It is a panel discussion involving some of the many Pagan participants from the 2009 Parliament of The Worlds Religions.  Looking back and discussing what went down and some of the results of it.  Interesting thoughts on Interfaith and Intrafaith dialogue and some useful ideas for anyone in or dealing with the Pagan community.

It also seems to me that some of the ideas related to Interfaith/Intrafaith dialogue could be very useful for U.U.’s and other Theologically liberal religions with roots in or with branches involved in the Abrahamic streams of things.

I am also getting caught up on New World Witchery, several episodes including the Biblical Magic episode and their wrap up of the Pagan Podkin Super Moot…  (oh, they also have their Etsy shop Compass & Key Apothecary restocked!! – “Hooray!!!”)

I am also trying to convince Veles to post his recipe for Hummingbird Cake, a southern delicacy (note: does NOT contain actual Hummingbird) I had not heard of before he mentioned it recently.

Blessings to you all,

Pax / Geoffrey

2 thoughts on “Listening and wrestles with temptation…

  1. I’m actually surprised that my recipe is much less fattening and healthy than the one you linked to. I don’t use any butter at all, because I found that the bananas and pineapple add moisture without the fat.

    Maybe I’ll post it! 😀

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