My Heart Belongs to Daddy…


~Geoffrey Stewart / Pax (c) 2010

Hear me and Blessed Be,

Oh Most Holy Herne,

I praise Thee with the breath of my body and the works of my hands,

Thou who art the Hunter and the Hunted, The Mysteries of Sacrifice and Service,

The Exultation of The World, and the Thrill of Love, and the Thrust of Lust.

WitchFather, Sweet Sacred Father,

Help me to be the man I am capable of being at my best,

That I might do Thy Work in the World, and in doing so find my own.

Horned God of Life,

Let me commune with Thee within the rushing of my blood,

Let me be anointed by Thee in the sweat of my brow,

That I might be Strong and Healthy in Thy service.

Lord of Light,

Let me taste the sweet spark of your inspiration with every indrawn breath,

Let me see clearly, speak wisely, and listen with the entirety of my being,

That I may share Thy Wisdom and Wonder,

Thus being a vessel through which Thee might Re-enchant The World.

Guardian of the Gates of Death and Life,

Let me be able to meet with Thee and the end of my days with Pride and Joy,

Able to look into Thine eyes knowing I have served Thee to the best of my abilities.

WitchFather, Sweet Sacred Father

So Mote It Be.

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