The Breath of Life and the Benidiction of the Sweat of our Brows…

Dear Friends,

While I have never been the picture of muscular beef cake, there was a time when I was much healthier.  Living in Anchorage I was able to walk most anywhere I needed to go, and there was a good public transit system available.  Moving to Orlando, which is NOT a pedestrian friendly Metropolitan Area and has a public transit system that is both confusingly organized and hardly commuter friendly, I got a car and drove most places.  I have gained weight and been sedentary and inactive.

It’s easy to do, especially as a traveler along the New Aquarian Frontier, where there is a lot of Spirit Good / Material World Bad ideas floating about the edges to distract you if your not careful!

So I am going to start adding a daily exercise to my practices… and not just leaving that spot blank in my daily log.  Been doing that all too often as of late.  But you see in addition to being reminded of the Holyness of the Flesh by some of T. Thorn Coyle’s writings, and Skallabjorn’s post from way back, and a piece by Mr. Rollins, I’ve been getting distinct nudges in my prayers and meditations on The WitchFather that He wants me to be healthy and strong.  That a strong element of worshiping him is to challenge myself, to feel Him in the rush of my blood and the sweat of my brow and the deep drinking of the breath of life that comes from sustained activity and exercise.

Eventually I’d like to get back into weight training which I studied years ago but didn’t take seriously because I lacked in confidence and self-esteem.  I am beginning to feel as if maybe I need to eventually seek  an extreme of health and strength, but for right now I know I need to start with some walking daily, and then move onto a fitness program.  So we shall see where the journey leads me.

Peace, and stay healthy,


2 thoughts on “The Breath of Life and the Benidiction of the Sweat of our Brows…

  1. Arnvast

    I have two questions.
    1) What is the format / what’s included in your daily log?
    2) Depending on the timing, would you be interested in exercising with me?

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