Faith AND Reason…

Dear Friends,


I know that all too many Pagans out there, and apparently a number of U.U.’s, have had more experiences of both Religion in General and Christianity in particular that are reminiscent of the Christian Radio host’s gay-hating ignorance and religious intolerance, rather than of the Methodist minister’s open minded-ness and interfaith approach; HOWEVER… there are many good people of faith out there, and many good and genuinely compassionate Christians out there as well… Religion and Christianity are not our enemies.   We must balance reason & faith, with spirituality & religion, whilst also maintaining an everyday life filled with both spiritual practice & religious experiences… balance is the key


Pax / Geoffrey

2 thoughts on “Faith AND Reason…

  1. I agree. I am Hellenic in personal practice, also worship Jesus (yeah I know, odd… but when you’re called, you answer… lol), attend a United Church of Christ wherein I also preach and teach, and am an Interfaith Minister out of The New Seminary. I find that most of the Christians I have met over the past ten years have been largely ignorant of pagans in general, especially those of us who aren’t Wiccan in nature. This breeds fear. The other side of that coin, though, is that most of the pagans (and by that I mean all of ’em lumped together) seem to be just as ignorant of the Christians. I get REAL tired of that REAL fast, because so often those same pagans are the ones claiming to be tolerant and loving in all their dealings with the world. I’m tired of hearing the unspoken, “… except Christians…” tacked on the end of those sentences about love and peace.

    Are there bad Christians out there? Yep, you bet. Met quite a few of them myself. Are there bad pagans out there? Oh good gods yes, and on a percentage basis I’d have to say there are WAY more bad pagans than there are bad Christians. I find that terrifically depressing. All that aside, there are also GOOD Christians and GOOD pagans. Some of us even inhabit the same body *grin*.

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