Dear Friends,

So another cold front has moved through Central Florida, bringing with it much cooler evening weather and a genuine sense that Autumn is ready to get about it’s business… as the front was coming through something clicked and stirred within me…

Subtropical Samhain-tide

Samhaintide’s begining to rise,

High minded clouds obscurring the stars and others,

Just out of reach, are clipper-shipping ‘cross the skies,

The strong warm Westerlies they sail upon,

Shimmy and Shake the Palm Fronds,

Frolic, rustling across the Live Oak leaves,

Breathing it all in deep memories stir,

I remember the stories of my childhood,

Power and beauty and wonder,

I remember parts of myself,

Too long closed off like dusty attic rooms,

“Wild nights are my glory.”

So in that strange Subtropical alchemy I am reawakening and renewed in the Autumn of the year.

The warm winds blew into the West, and then cooler winds blew towards the East and last night was downright chilly… hopefully there’ll be no hard freezes this year and the Citrus and Berry and other crops, and their farmers and farm workers, will be able to start a recovery.


Pax / Geoffrey

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