Samhain and Diwali and New Moon Musings…

Dear Friends,

So the other night, being the New Moon, I went out and made offerings to Hekate.  She is one of the Gods I feel particularly close to and hold dear in my own heart and practice, as regular readers may remember.

I walked to a place where three-roads met and left a variety of offerings unto Her and whatever spirits may have been in Her retinue.  13 coins at the cross-roads, and eggs and garlic, pomegranate juice, and the remnants of the previous months food and beverage offerings.  It was interesting walking to and from the place along a poorly lit trail nestled amongst neighborhoods in the dark of night, moments of fear and walking through it, walking away and not looking back, the sensation of being followed and the sense that if I looked over my left shoulder I should see ~something~.  I didn’t look… it felt like some sort of test rather than an opportunity.

I made my way home and ended up looking at a number of articles and posts and video’s about Diwali, the Festival of Lights.  I find it rather delightful to contemplate my own offerings to The Torch Bearer, whose Promethean fires light the way in the paths of the depth of night, and find myself wondering if the local Hindu Temple has any special Diwali events… I may have to try and check that out next year.

So many peoples on so many paths, all seeking to eradicate suffering and ignorance in the world, so many people of faith and good will striving to live good lives and to do good in the world.  Good to be reminded of that!

What did you do for the Dark of the Moon?



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