Hello New Year!

Hello Dear Friends,

So I’ve been taking some time since my spiritual New Year of the Solstice, and the Secular New Years, to think about things and do some self examination.  I’ve also been adjusting to some big changes in my work schedule and situation, and working on this project for 1U Orlando’s Centennial Celebration…

So far 2012 looks to be a LOT better than 2011… my 39th year was kind of a rough one, and I find myself looking forward to 40.  I am feeling confident, and like I have the talents and skills and experience to follow my dreams.  With some interruptions and evolutions I am ~still~ engaging in my spiritual practices and still relating to my Gods and honoring the spirits and ancestors.  Still traveling along my life’s journey and still learning.

Not a lot of time today, projects big and small taking up my day off today; but part of my inward turning at the turning of the year has been to contemplate how and where to fit all that I need and desire to do into my day… including writing…  so I hope to have some minor posts like this one and at least one lengthier piece each week.

Peace, and may your New Year be Blessed,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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