Why the ridiculously long Blogroll?!

So if you found this post, you are wondering about the ridiculously long blog-roll…

Partly it is about trying to make Chrysalis a place where others can explore the breadth and depth of Contemporary Paganism, via the Online Resources and the Blog-Roll.

Partly, it is also about never knowing where I will find inspiration or guidance in my daily journey.  In the last few years as I went into a period of turning inward I have been spending a lot – A LOT – of time online.   This inward turning has involved research, and wandering, and exploring different paths and ideas and philosophies, and seeking out voices and connection with Like-minded fellow Pagans, seeking some true community of spirit.

That is one of the blessings I have found, in large part, thanks to the Pagan blogosphere; a community.  I have friends and acquaintances and co-conspirators scattered across the globe whom I can turn to in times of turmoil, and for whom I strive to be there.  Discussion, sometimes agreement, humor and friendship.

My you find the same in your Journey!


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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