Fighting off some sort of chest/sinus ick…again

Dear Friends,

I think my body is telling me it wants more exercise, less smoking, and healthier foods!  I’ve known I needed to work on those things, but now my body is kicking it’s own butt getting sick all the time.  So look forward to some notes on nutrition and other health related musings…

I brewed some Echinacea tea and took a sip…

“I cleanse thee, I consecrate thee, I charge thee,

Oh Creature of Water and Earth,

That with thee I may work wonders of healing,

By the Holy Mother in Whom we live, move, and have our being,

Blessed Be!

By the Holy Father Who lives, moves, and has being in every atom, every cell, and every soul,

Blessed Be!

So mote it be!”

and so mote (may) it be.


Pax / Geoffrey

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