“Every new beginning comes from some other begining’s end…”

Dear Friends,

So those Semisonic lyrics have been running through my thoughts in the days and weeks since Imbolc-tide, appropriately enough I suppose.

Offerings of Sandalwood incense, Pomegranate juice, and dark whole grain bread were made to the house-hold spirits, the Ancestors, and The WitchFather and The Cross-roads Queen.  Beginings and transitions, and a few endings, were contemplated and mused over; both that week-end and in the days since.

I am finding myself, and my Craft, in a period of both growth and transformation.  Good things overall I think.  My studies of Feri and Traditional Witchcraft (from books and online and some experimentation) are bearing some interesting fruit as I re-examine the Wiccan inspired studies of my youth and begin to craft and walk a Path and Craft of my own.  In learning to Cleanse my Life-Force, in daily grounding, in the daily breathing of energy into my Chakras; I find myself growing and changing in my patience, my understanding of myself and of Witchcraft and Magick, in my relationships to the Gods and Spirits and Ancestors… and in my relationship with my past.

Some of the creative and optimistic parts of myself are waking up again.  At the same time I am ever so slowly learning to let go of things (thoughts, feelings, ideas, and material stuff too) that does not serve my life and needs and whatever my true Work is.

I am also snappish and brittle sometimes with my spiritual growing pains, and all the more prone to outburst when I neglect my practices.  That’s the thing about our spiritual journeys, they are not without bumps and growing pains and detours and distractions… but that’s why it is so important to stick to them.  To persevere in the practices and relationships that sustain us.


As I am writing this the clouds and hints of humidity that have been hanging over The City Beautiful have coalesced into a brief if quenching rain.  I take a moment to light a stick of  Orange Blossom incense and step outside onto the balcony.  Breathing in the still-cooling night air and the scent of the rain.  I speak a simple prayer of thanks to the Holy Powers of Air and Water, to the life-giving and cleansing rains.  I take a few moments to stand the scents of incense and fresh rain mingling on the breeze…


Cleansing and Healing and Growth… they can be blessings if we let them.  If we are open to them and accept them and don’t try to close ourselves off from them.

Blessed Be Your Journey,

Pax / Geoffrey

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