Spring is Sprung!!

Dear Friends,

Image from Google, and related info here

So I am wrestling with the slacker’s of my better nature, trying to get back into a routine of Spiritual Practice… while also trying to remain mindful of the fact that there are times where in our spiritual quests where the path is more in the world and in interacting with and learning  from it than present in the diversity of our altars and practices.

Spring has been springing forth here in Central Florida for a couple of weeks at least, the Pollen bursting forth from the trees… heady scents and clouds of yellow/green wafting about the heads of so many Floridian’s (like myself) wandering about in an allergy-medication-altered-state-of-conciousness.   It’s funny the signs of the Wheel’s turning that you find and look for when you are in a climate that is not aligned with the “Traditional” Wheel of The Year.  So it is today that I share the Google doodle for Spring Equinox 2012 with you.  Dissapointingly enough there isn’t one for the Autumnal Equinox on Google Australia…. 😦

I contemplate, as I try to breathe and Ground and send breath and will to my Chakra’s,  how strange and amusing it is that the ancient and the modern can weave in and out of one another in our lives… the interplay of Pollen and Internet in my daily life.


Peace, and may you find blessings of balance this Equinox,

Pax / Geoffrey

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