Sometimes, we shy away…

Dear Friends,

So I just made my offerings to the household spirits, the Ancestors, and some of my Gods; I also sent some breath and thought and energy into my Chakra’s and did a variation on the Cleansing Life Force excercise… most all of it for the first time in a while.

Sometimes we shy away from some part of our lives and practices, this is natural.  As long as we can remain aware that we are shying away from these things, and still remain aware of them, this can be healthy from time to time.

Today I find that instead of feeling rusty or clumsy in my offerings and practice, it was like some pleasantly familiar experience… like re-reading a favorite novel or going to a favorite hang out you haven’t been in a while.  In the past I would, in all likely-hood, have found a reason to delay engaging in the offerings and practices… ‘I should wait another day and do everything for  Noumenia instead tomorrow night when I am off work’ would have been a good excuse.  It seems though that I am actually learning to engage in these rites and practices when I can and how I can and when I have need of them… they are relationships I wish to maintain and practices that sustain me.  A younger me would have worried about not doing things ‘right’, or every day, or not being able to do what I envision myself doing in advance…. an older and (Gods do I hope) wiser me knows that simply ~doing~ something is sometimes the best thing we can do.

I also know that if I am shying away from things, I still need to keep them in mind and understand ~why~ I am shying away from them.

What sustains you my friends?  What are you shying away from and why?  How are your relationships in the real world and in the world of spirit?


Pax / Geoffrey

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