Every day a Holy Day?

Dear Friends,

So I was running a little late Sunday morning after working the overnight, but feeling really good.   As a Worship-Associate-in-training for my U.U. Church I was asked to help with a reading for the first Service for Easter.   I navigated the bustle of Interstate 4 on Easter Morning and got home with just enough time to change clothes and take a moment to assess myself.  I changed into something nice, changed my undies and socks, splashed some water on my face and applied a little hair spray.  I then went to my altar to apply a little Crown of Success and just say a quick prayer…

This is when it occurred to me how odd it seemed to be running around getting dressed up for Easter given that even though I am Unitarian Universalist, I am also a Polytheist and Pagan and Witch.  I mused aloud to myself and my altar….

“Is today a Holy day?!”

and not even a moment later, I spoke again, my words feeling like an echo or like something moving through me rather than from me as I held onto my bookshelf/altar…

“But, then really isn’t every day a Holy day?!”

I smiled to myself.   Feeling strangely as if I had had an answer from somewhere, and not just an answer to the question I had asked but to a lot of questions lurking in my subconscious.  Thus I went to the 1U Easter Service and read the meditation portion of the Service, which was on the topic of the Equinox and balance and change.  It was a lovely morning and I got to see and say hello to a number of folks I hadn’t seen in far too long…

There was some unpleasantness later on in the afternoon, which I’m not sure if I will be discussing here or elsewhere, but for which I would welcome any and all prayers and well wishes….

Then the Fabulous Jonathan and I went out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet and came home and went to bed, both of us having worked the overnights and both of us having a long day after our work shifts ended.

The thing is that that echo of a message has stuck with me.

Every day as Holy, every day as Sacred; if we can but take a moment to look around us and experience it.  If we can set aside our personal blinders, the shouts and insinuations of the Over-culture, and unfascinate ourselves from the Ten Thousand Things; If we can allow ourselves to sense and interact with the beauty and possibility and wonder and sacred nature of each and every day.  What might we not accomplish then?

The Gods, in many forms of Paganism are seen as immanent within the world… not just within some of the Wiccan forms of Witchcraft, but in the ancient Polytheisms as well… for example as I understand it, the ancient Greeks didn’t say “Zeus sent rain..”, they’d say “Zeus rained down…” …. In Unitarian Universalism we talk about the Interconnected Web… what is a devotional practice if not trying to listen and pay attention to the Gods?  What is meditation if not trying to pay attention to the strands in the Web… what is spiritual practice if not trying to drink in and be inspired by the Holiness all around us?

Now, I’ve had some recent reminders that I have been running around with my own personal blinders on about a lot of things lately and letting myself be trapped in an unhealthy situation and a toxic environment.  It has been weeks, months really, since I seriously approached my practices and writing and journaling, I have been simply moving from one day to the next just trying to endure some situations until…. the next thing to endure….  That is no way to live.  Not even for a short time, and I am realizing I have been enduring it for a while now.

I will be working on that.

I am quite forcibly reminded of the 7th habit, Sharpening The Saw, and indeed the others as well.  I am reminded of those 6 breaths a good lady once discussed with me, I am reminded that I have friends and loved ones who will hold me in the light and in the comforting darkness as my soul requires.

When the Universe answers a question… you listen.

May you find the Holiness in this, and every one of your days,

Pax / Geoffrey

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