To Life, To Life With My Beloved, To Life Well Lived…

Dear Friends,

Walpurgistide and Beltainetide are upon us, from April 30, The Calendrical Beltaine Eve, through Saturday May 6th, the Astronomical Cross Quarter between the Equinox and Solstice; Saturday is also a Full Moon.   Lots of power and magick afoot this year on this Festival of Reconnecting with the Spirit World and of Celebrating Life.

I spent a good part of the night listening to  my Pandora Radio Station: Flying Off To Brocken.   Offerings of incense burned upon the altar and the light of candles flickered.  Offerings to placate unfriendly spirits and Holy Fire to warn them off.  I slept a while on the Secondhand Couch of Love, dreaming strange dreams.

I awoke in the small hours of the night, and spent some time surfing around the internet looking at the many Beltaine offerings already up on the Pagan strands of the Internet.  I found a couple of appropriate poems from Mr. Bishop and from Ms. Coyle, a completely inappropriate and NSFW video from Veles, and a good basic intro about Beltane from dear Mr. Pitzl-Waters at The Wild Hunt.  I also discovered the photo at the bottom of this post by Danny Williams, from the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh Scotland.   (Note: The Beltane Fire Society is just plain awesome…)

Later in the morning, after sunrise and a quick shower, several sticks of Lavender Incense were lit in offering at altar and in the  planters on the balcony that the Gods and Spirits might be pleased, that I may remember Them and my relationship with Them.

I lit candles, that Beltaine Fires may light the way through the worlds.  I tasted salt, sipped water, passed my hand above the flames, and listened to the ringing of a bell.  I kissed the side of the top shelf of Spirit and began the Offerings.

“Spirits of this place, this hearth, this home, this apartment of Greyhaven, thank you for your blessings and blessings unto you.  I offer Wine mixed with Water that you may never thirst on this blessed day of Beltaine.  To Life, To Life with my Beloved, To Life Well Lived.”

A different bell from the one for Air was rung and unmixed wine, dark and red was poured…

“I make an offering of Harvest Wine unto the Ancestors.  I give greetings and Honor to the Beloved and Honored Dead.  To Those to whom I am tied by the red threads of blood, the silver threads of Witchcraft, and the Pink threads of Queerdom, I give thanks.  Thank you for Life, for it’s lessons, for your teaching and guidance and inspiration and your many blessings upon me and mine.  Be welcome in my life and heart on this holy day as you are every day.  May you never thirst.  To Life, To Life with my Beloved, To Life Well Lived.”

Similar offerings of the Beaujolais Nouveau were made to the Triple Goddess and to Herne, and a separate offering of the last of the Wine mixed with Water was made for Hecate.  While Beltaine may not be one of Her Holy Days it still felt right and proper to Honor Her.  I also poured some Wine for Ganesha, and lit several candles around his statue, again not one of His festivals, but on a festival it feels right to honor ALL the Holy Powers I have truck and relationships with.

On the whole a fairly simple, Beltaine, light on formality heavy on feeling.

We have rent to pay and some things to take care of today, perhaps a celebratory meal later in the week…

How did you celebrate the Holy Day?  How are you observing the Holy Tide?

Peace and Many Blessings to you and yours,


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