Harvey Milk Day musings…

St. Harvey The Liberator

Dear Friends,

Today was Harvey Milk Day.  I was roughly 6 years old when Harvey Milk was assassinated.  I would have been 7 or 8 when the news of the trial of his assassin got out and “The Twinkie Defense” made the world news… I can remember being confused as to why that would justify murder if too much sugar wasn’t enough justification for an 8 year old to misbehave….

I am realizing today, that on some level, I grew up knowing on a bone deep level, that it was considered generally ok to kill people like me for no damn reason.

That’s kind of a heavy subtext to grow up with.

I am trying to take inspiration from Harvey’s life and politics and work.

He is one of the Ancestors on my mind today.


Pax / Geoffrey

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