Healing work…

Dear Friends,

So a call for some healing prayers went out.

I am getting over a very busy week-end at work, and the tail end of a nasty cold/flu that has the Fabulous Jonathan in its clutches… so I knew I wasn’t up to some big production… but I am also appreciating that sometimes it is the simplest act of magick that can be the most powerful.

So I dusted off a blue 7 day pillar candle with my own intricate/inarticulate designs scrawled in silver ink on it’s glass.  I had prepared it a while back, and used it a few times but was holding in it reserve for no reason I could identify…  I find myself doing that more and more with candles and various home made oils and carved emergency candles and other bits and pieces around the house.

I drank some of the blessed water I keep on hand in the fridge, refilling and re-blessing it daily, or sometimes many times a day; Refilling it and blessing it in my way before turning to the work at hand.  I lit the candle, and began to pray…

“Healing of Body, Healing of Spirit, Healing of Mind…”

I started with myself and my beloved and let my prayers/mantra work its way out from there… I breathed in and out, letting the light of the candle flame dance before my closed eyes, names were named, where I had them, and for a brief while I lost time and awareness of everything except the sense of connection and love flow around, over, into, and through me as the mantra and the magick worked themselves through me.

“For all those in need, For all those whose lives I touch, Healing of Body, Healing of Spirit, Healing of Mind.”

Over and again the words, and names, played themselves until they were played out…

The act of blessing, is in itself a blessing.  The casting of a healing, is healing.  Try it and see.


Pax / Geoffrey


2 thoughts on “Healing work…

  1. I love this phrase: “connection and love flow around, over, into, and through me”

    I think too many people see healing work as an effort, something they do, instead of guide, which is why you run across so many stories of people wiping themselves out with healing work, and thus reserving it for special occasions (i.e. oh-shit moments), instead of it being a renewing and blessing experience that should be performed regularly. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s a shame to see people missing out on experiences like this.

  2. Pax

    Pallas, thanks for the comment!!

    I’ve tried healing work the other way before… and I couldn’t tell you what led me to try this softer approach. I am also struck by the fact that the idea of healing work being healing, and blessing work being a blessing… is one I’ve encountered as an idea before… but to experience it… it is interesting to stumble through one of the lesser gates of mystery all unexpected like…

    So do you do healing work? What form does it take?

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