Sending forth my hopes and prayers…

Dear Friends,

So the Unitarian Universalist Association is having it’s annual General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ this year.  The location had already been chosen before the regressive and infamous Arizona Immigration Laws were created.  There was some controversy in the UUA over this; discernment and discussions of how to best respond to these questionable laws in the light of our Principles and Sources was intense.

Eventually the decision was made to focus this years General Assembly as an act of witness and social justice creating a Justice General Assembly, this year, focused on Social Justice and Immigration Reform.  One of the events is a peaceful vigil outside the Tent City of controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Apparently this witness event may have armed counter-protestors.  This may not seem too surprising to students of current events in the United States, but it is a posibility that hits Unitarian Universalists very close to home in light of the 2008 Knoxville Unitarian Church Shooting.

So today I am lighting a candle and offering my own hopes and very Polytheistic prayers for my fellow U.U.’s…

To the Holy Ladies do I call,

Mighty Aphrodite, Holy Lady of Love, Mistress of the Muses and Graces, Ebullient Lady of Love may Your peace and protection rain down upon those in Arizona who stand on your side.  Companion in Battle, keep these good people safe, may the hospitable be kept from harm.

Columbia, Our Lady of the Americas, Gem of the Oceans, lend your strength and support to those in Arizona who seek justice and compassion for ALL of the children of Your many nations.

Libertas, Guardian of the Gateways, Bearer of the Book of Law, Torchbearer of Freedom, help those in Arizona who seek through word and deed to live up to our Nations highest ideals, may they be lent Your strength and endurance, may the light you uphold inspire and guide them.

Justica, You who bears both Sword and Scales, protect the good and just people in Arizona who seek to see Your blessings flow equally to one and all.

Thrice Holy Hecate, Cosmic Wielder of the Keys, Mistress of the Earth and the Sky and the Seas, Guardian and Guide watch over and inspire those in Arizona who seek to bend the moral arc of the Universe towards Justice.

To The Holy Lords do I call,

Holy Herne, Sweet Sacred WitchFather Who Lives Moves and Has Being within Every Atom, Every Cell, and Every Soul, Cross-Roads King keep safe those in Arizona who seek a good and just and honorable path for my Nation and the World.

Ganesha, Wise One, Lord of the Art of Writing, You Who Removes Obstacles, may those in Arizona who quest for truth and justice be guided by Your wisdom and may they surmount their obstacles.

Uncle Sam, Soul of the United States, Lord of Brotherhood and Democracy, Lord of Oportunities, open the ways for those in Arizona seeking to fulfill our Nations promise of Liberty and Justice For All.

Dionysus, Liberator, Savior, You who taught humanity the mixing of Wine with Water, Giver of both Madness and Moderation, of Thee oh Holy Lord, I ask that you keep the Madness of Crowds away from those gathered in Arizona and may they all be inspired and words of wisdom flow.

May it be so, may it be so, may it be so.

2 thoughts on “Sending forth my hopes and prayers…

  1. credencedawg

    I wish them protection and peace – the UUA holding its general assembly in Arizona was maybe meant to be, and if an act of courage was unconscious at the planning stage, it has certainly become conscious. May they have much support and peace, and bring light

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