Valueing the Complexity of the Holy Powers

Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from an internment camp “death train” near the Elbe in 1945. Picture found here. More Details can be found here.

Dear Friends,

When one worships and has relationship with The Holy Powers, one starts to appreciate their complexity.  Two of the Gods I hold dear and strive to honor are Hecate and Dionysus.  It’s interesting to see how many out their view Hecate as some Dark & Spooky Crone Goddess… when she was for most of Her history pictured as a Saffron robed maiden… a mighty maiden, but a Maiden none-the-less.  Dionysus, of course is often pictured as a drunkard and frat boy and something of comic relief…

It is only by getting to know the Holy Powers as They were seen by the ancients, that we can learn to appreciate Them for who They are now…. for whilst the Gods have often been praised as Deathless they are NOT Changless… so many legends and stories speak of gods being born and learning new things/ideas/skills and of Them as being changeable beings… multifaceted beings… yet all too often it seems that some one-dimensional 1980’s cartoon level of complexity is all that gets portrayed of Them…

My first thoughts upon seeing the photo above were those of Hecate the Key Bearer, the Light Bringer, and of Dionysus the Liberator; both known as Savior… I uttered a prayer of thanks and blessing upon Them, and those pictured, and a prayer of thanks that I had yet to face such trials in my own life, one hopes never.

I am all too often surprised when other Pagans speak of various Gods like one-dimensional characters in some b-movie.  Whether we believe Them to be entities, or ideas; there are deep and sustaining and inspiring and powerful relationships with Them… once we let go of the safe and comfortable ideas of easy answers and embrace Their complexity, and our own.

Peace, Pax

One thought on “Valueing the Complexity of the Holy Powers

  1. I first “met” Hecate when I was about 11 or so. She was this young but mature woman in face and stature. Later she came to me in more traditional saffron chiton and bright red himation, but again, she was young though mature. Her age? Probably between 17 and 52 or so. That’s as close as I can get. Not a crone (although I *have* encountered her in that darker guise on a couple of occasions). Dionysos is not like the frat boy at ALL to me… in fact he is much more scary (although I’m not *afraid* of him) than funny. He’s that… “all male, all masculine” power that can be completely overwhelming and occasionally violent. Neither of them are the least bit one dimensional. LOL…

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