Invocations and Old words… again

Dear Friends,

So I recently heard about a one man show version of Macbeth that Alan Cummings is involved in, which got me doing searches and readings of various theatrical performances… including the production of The Bacchae that he was in in 2007…

In considering this and my rather inactive status as a member of His Thiasus, I have been pouring over various renditions and translations of the play… including The Bacchae 2.1 script and the translation of the play at this delightful site

I find myself musing about how in my head I’ve been the last year or so… how little true cutting loose I’ve done, how buckled down things have been in my life.  Perhaps Jon and I need to go out… to a play or dancing or to a Festival…

Perhaps I can con some of my friends into a dramatic reading or performance of The Bacchae… or perhaps I can convince some of the local Pagan folk into a full on production of The Bacchae as a ritual?

Things are stirring here in my head and heart and in the hearth at Grayhaven.

Peace, and mischief,


PS- I am taking some inspiration from this previous post of mine here…

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