A few days after Lammas

Dear Friends,

So the last few months have been busy and chaotic, money has been very tight, and I have fallen away from my writing and spiritual practice and from things that feed and nurture me spiritually.  Today, for the first time in a long time, one of the first things I did after waking up as my morning coffee brewed, was to take a few intentional breaths and connect energetically to the Earth…. breathing deeply and sending roots into the Earth and to connect.

Sometimes it is the simplest of acts, the smallest of things, that are the signposts on our journey.  I’ve been letting my life live me rather than living my life the last few months.

This does sometimes happen, the tides of our everyday life…. of job and routine… they swamp us.  Not that I’ve been entirely neglectful of my self lately.  Most of my spiritual nourishment has come from re-immersing myself in a number of shows and films and books that I can just soak up and enjoy and escape the everyday pressures for a while.

And yet there is that sign… that moment as I was waking and as the coffee brewed where I connected, again, to the Earth and to the All That Is… if even for a moment.  A moment of remembering that I can choose, that whatever cross-roads moments I come to in my life and journey, I choose the path and the actions I take.

So I take a deep breath, I sip my coffee, I contemplate what I will harvest from these last several months of hard work and stress and chaos?

This Summer has been one of being drawn away from involvement with Friends or Community and turning inward… in some real ways my old Summer/Winter patterns are reversed here in Florida… I turn inward and retreat in the oppressive heat and frenzied activity of Summer, and reach out and return to life and activity and engagement in the cooler days and free-er times of Winter.

What will I do with the lessons and experiences of the Summer?  How will I reconnect, how will I pick up my duties and responsibilities in the world of Spirit and Community?  Time to contemplate my harvest and how I will return to living my life.

Peace, and may your journey be blessed wherever it takes you,

Pax / Geoffrey

One thought on “A few days after Lammas

  1. Steve Tanner

    Sometimes I find myself sitting in a high place or walking a ridge; I marvel at how far I can see and how good the wind feels. Sometimes I find myself in a valley where the air is still and I cannot see very far, but the cool water of the river is close by and fruit is abundant. Sometimes I find myself in a desert where the air is still, no water or fruit is available, but I can see far; there just isn’t much to see. I do not like the desert, but sometimes it crosses my path. Peace to you.

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