All Work….

Dear Friends,

So I have been overwhelmed by work the last few weeks.  I probably haven’t spent a total of 6 hours at my home in the last 3 weeks.  Tired and disconnected, I try to remember my faith and my craft… at times in life it is too too easy to lose track of our connections to others, to the sacred.  I have to head back to work at the hotel soon.  Been staying there for the last few weeks going home for a few hours each week.

I am trying to breathe, to remember myself and my connections to the Holy Powers.

I breathe, I remember my connection to the Earth.  I take moments of sillence and stillness where I can… but it all seems too too fleeting.  I know there are times where the ebb and flow of the World, as sacred and sweet as it is, can overwhelm and distract me.  I Ground, I Center, I try to set aside the rush of the everyday and touch once more the wonder and numinous and immanence I know is out there and in me.

Sometimes perseverance is all we have, so again and again I return.