*note* for many years this was pinned to the top of the blog as a welcome and first post.  I’ve moved on from that design… but I’m leaving it floating in the stacks as it were as a momento of a different time in my life…

Welcome dear reader to Chrysalis!

Chrysalis is one part online journal with a spiritual focus, one part bully pulpit for my opinions and ideas and observations on Paganism and spirituality and life in general, and one part a place to practice the art of writing that has at times obsessed me from childhood.  Originally I focused on spirituality, but over time I am realizing that whatever your religious persuasion it interweaves with every other aspect of your life, so you never know what you might find me writing about here!

I am returning to this blog and the journey of writing/blogging after a number of years away.  Look for some of these pages to change over time as I get to them, and bear with me as I shake the rust and dust of my wordsmithing skills and reconsider some ideas I expressed (in some cases) nearly a decade or more ago.

Fair warning…



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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