The things I share for friends… and thoughts on December 2012.

Dear Friends,

So I have been a terrible slacker lately as a blogger.  In large part this is because I have been feeling creatively drained and more interested in hiding from the world watching t.v. than engaging with it.  It was a rough year and a lot of emotional ups and downs… not as bad as 2011 but at least as challenging.

So I was talking last night with my friend and fellow RPG geek Aarnvast.  We were chatting briefly about our nascent Dungeons and Dragons game and somehow wandered onto the topic of how regrettable it was that we were out of time to cash in on all of the “2012 Mayan Prophecy” marketing scheme of the last several years.  I mentioned having seen the image below on a friends Facebook wall and he started to laugh hysterically.  I told him I would try to share it with him, and he mentioned how he was rarely on there any more.  Since he is also a religious and spiritual Seeker exploring Paganism, and since he regularly reads my blog (you know, when I am actually posting…) I figured I’d share it here.

This is…. very tempting…



This has me thinking though, about all of the hoopla coming out of New Age authors and how people are making money by spreading fear and uncertainty.  All to often in times of change it seems like people are looking forward to “THE END!!” and placing all their time and energy into supporting various Rapture’s or Doomsdays.  Into preparing for them, including bankrupting or killing themsleves … rather than work to try and make the world a better, safer, happier place.

I also find myself thinking about the folks I have encountered in the Pagan community who seem content to set aside things like critical reasoning, or known historical or scientific facts, or the statement of actual Indigenous Peoples… all in service of some Doomsday or some secret Crystal Skull Convergence Conspiracy.

I have always had trouble understanding why Reason and Faith must be seen as being at odds with one another?

What do you think?



6 thoughts on “The things I share for friends… and thoughts on December 2012.

  1. Steve Tanner

    While there has been stuff on television debunking the alleged Mayan doomsday prophecy, the sensationalism far outweighs the debunking. Of course sensationalism also outsells boring reality. The really sad aspect of your post is the suggestion that some Pagans are reacting like fundamentalist Christians in embracing doom. Regardless, it is good to read your work again.

    1. Pax

      Most of the Pagan responses I have encountered have been split between. “Are you serious?”, attitude and, “Oooh the Mayan Cosmic Change will rain down rainbow light and convergences and stuff!”, with the occasional “Doom!! Doom I say!!” folks.

      It just bothers me that so many Pagani seem so eager to believe EVERYTHING with out resorting to critical thinking or research.

      Or maybe I am getting a wee bit cantankerous after 20 years on the path…

      (and thank you for your kind words regarding my work!)

  2. wedschild

    I should be saying something insightful about the serious part of your post, but the temptation is just too strong…
    I’m in! Let’s get our stories straight on the apocalypse that happened in December of 2012. I’ll start making the newspapers….

  3. Arnvast

    Thank you for sharing the image, Pax. Is it bad that I read your blog at least a few hours (or days) before opening my email?
    I’m sorry to say that some religious leaders prefer that their followers don’t understand science, because that makes it easier to convince them of many things.

    1. Pax

      Not bad at all my friend, with a little bit of luck there will be a lot more reading here from here on out! See you at the Potluck!

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