I voted

Dear Friends,

So I ended up sleeping through both of the 6am alarms.  I woke up on my own around 8am, an hour after the polls had opened.  I lit some incense, offered to the Gods and Guardian Spirits of the household, as one of the first things I did today somewhere before brewing coffee and after turning on NPR.   I drank some coffee, reviewed my sample ballot and notes on various issues, initiatives and candidates, and got cleaned up.

I finally out to the polls until around 9am.  The line took only about an hour, I voted my conscience as influenced by some research and contemplation in the weeks leading up to today.

I decided.  I enacted my will, and possibly my Will.  I took action.

I go back to work later today after a week of vacation.  I had a lot of plans for this last week and didn’t really do much of anything; although as a friend at First Unitarian noted when I mentioned the fact, ‘then that was what you needed to do’.

Samhain was a fairly simple affair, after spending some time over at Rev. W and his husband G’s house, I came home and lit some Sandalwood incense and poured a mix of Water and Blackberry Schnapps for Herne and Hecate and The Ancestors.

Small acts, simple steps.  Facing, yet again, the ingrained habits of a lifetime of allowing myself to be pushed or pulled along… of seeing myself as helpless and not choosing because of fear…. then, remembering Yeats and the Sycamore… remembering to Center and Ground…

I may not have been keeping my journal, but I have remembered to engage in some of the many Spiritual Practices I have set myself as goals.   I have prayed, made offerings, blessed Water, Grounded and Centered and Breathed into my Chakras.  I have gotten some much needed chores done, and am in progress on some more of them. *

Progress on my personal winding road?  I’d certainly like to think so.


Pax / Geoffrey


(I am learning to accept that the whole concept of being ‘finished’ with the laundry is a viscious lie…)

One thought on “I voted

  1. Steve Tanner

    There is no yardstick by which spiritual accomplishment can be measured. If such a measure existed, Science would have proven or disproved the existence of the Divine long ago. Only the Divine are qualified to assess spiritual matters, but most people doubt the instruction they receive from this source. Instead, they prefer the judgments of corporeal beings. Ironically, it is for this reason that I suspect your friend is probably right, though.

    I am glad you voted. I suspect we both voted for the presidential candidate that believes in upholding the 14th Amendment which provides equal protection under the law to all citizens. Walk in peace.

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