The Astronomical Samhain, and Hopey Changey stuff…

Hello Friends,

So with Tammy Baldwin’s win in Wisconsin, and Marriage Equality winning the popular vote in so many places (and anti-marriage-equality constitutional amendment failing in Minnesota), I’ve got that feeling again.  Change is happening, the moral arc of the universe is being bending towards Justice.

Today is the astronomical day of Samhain… the ~actual~ mid-point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  Winter has arrived.

The thing is, in the subtropical wonderland I now live in… Winter is still a time of life and growth, Winter is a time when the heat and humidity recede and more temperate weather rules the day (generally) and the Citrus and Berry Harvests happen in December and February respectively…

Samhain marks, not a Harvest, rather a turning point in the year.  A time to reconnect with the Ancestors, and their Work, and my own, and with the world around me.

I find myself feeling hopeful again, as I did when New York legalized marriage equality, and appropriately enough on one of the spiritual new years, I am reminded of how I felt on Solstice Day

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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