Cleaning house and contemplating a few topics…

Dear Friends,

So today I work the overnight shift, and am trying to get the apartment cleaned up a bit and get some devotional and spiritual practice in before attempting a nap before work.

I am also pondering some interesting posts from around the Pagan blogoshpere.

Deeply relevant to my own journey recently is Dver’s post Do not stop your devotions; to which I would only add that you should set aside your other spiritual practices with forethought and care!  In another post Dver praised a post over at Finchuill’s Mast discussing Facebook and Scarlett Imprint’s decision to leave that particular social network, and FB’s capacity to eat time and energy in our lives in The Maw That Tried To Eat The World.
CredenceDawg wrote about the importance of separate selfhood on the spiritual path in his post Chemistry.  It is not as obscure as my description makes it sound…

Finally I came across an older post from Hfraknell’s blog A Heathen’s Day that struck a chord.  Does it Matter What Our Ancestors Would Do?  Wherein he contemplates this questions and its relations to how religions and cultures change over time.

So as I go through my afternoon cleaning and reconnecting, these are some of the ideas that are bouncing around my mind.  I suspect I will be writing about one or more of the above sometime soon.

For now though, I am off to clean up the Kitchen, the Living Room, and the Altar.



One thought on “Cleaning house and contemplating a few topics…

  1. credencedawg

    thanks for mentioning my post Pax, I’m glad you found it interesting :0) Good luck with the cleaning! And may your devotions be blessed. Peace – Mo

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