An inspiring Image for the next month or so…

(So this post will be ‘stuck’ at the top of the blog front page for a while as part of my continuing journey and Work, and features a music video that is NSFW…)

Dear Friends,

So I am working and Working on myself.

Part of this is going through Kissing The Limitless again to reconnect with my self and Work.  Remembering to breathe, remembering to actually ~engage~ in my practices, etc…

The other night as I was writing in my journal I wrote…

“I have neglected/punished myself and neglected my Practices and Spirit and Spirits out of fear and unhappiness:”

Which could really encapsulate so much of my path the last several years… up the hill and backsliding back down.  Although some part of me wonders if this is more like sledding… are there some lessons or experiences I need to learn, or reward I am getting, related to my ‘backsliding’?

Anyhow after I wrote the above quote I picked up KTL and came to page 16, Moving Past Preconceptions…

“Doing the Work

What in you holds an unattainable image of perfection that you run from or flog yourself for not having?  What causes you to give up?  Can you look for what emotion might be be beneath this?  As you do your other practices, take time to notice when these feelings arise.

Find an image that inspires you and use that as a touchstone in your work for the next month.  Everytime you notice yourself not measuring up, take a breath and try to notice the story beneath the story.  Then remember the inspiring image and move on for the moment.”                 (C) T. Thorn Coyle 2009, Kissing The Limitless

And then I thought of that song “Perfect” by Pink…

This song is going to be my touchstone, or one of them, for a while…thus it’s prominence here on the blog for a bit..

So what images, songs, quotes, etc… nourish your spirit and speak to your life and soul and Work?  What inspires you on your Journey?

Blessings on your Journey,


PS- Pink is just kind of awesome by the by…

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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