Baby Steps…

Dear Friends,

Upheavals and stresses at work, financial stresses at home, fear, deep depression, unexpressed thoughts and feelings and resentments left to fester.  Somewhere in the last two years or so I once again lost my way in this journey of mine.

So now I find myself taking baby steps back to myself, my truest self, and towards my hopes and my dreams and towards my relationships with the Holy Powers once more. 

I have been making semi-regular offerings to the Heart Spirits again, especially when trying to tackle one small piece of the terrible mess our apartment has become.

You may wonder.. “Why the Hearth Spirits?”

Well, they are the ones I live with and in the every-day aren’t they?  they are also the ones who have been most neglected over the last couple of years.  Also it means we have to keep the Kitchen, where Their altar is, clean…. or at least cleaner that we have been!  It is also, quite honestly the simplest and easiest of my practices to pick up again.  One of the Baby Steps of today’s title.

There are others, including admitting to myself and others that I have been in a deep depression for quite a while.

There are others…

~ Putting more effort into my appearance…

~ Putting together a page or two here of stuff that inspires me and reminds me of my best and brightest self, and reviewing it regularly..

~Reconnecting with local friends in my face-to-face community…

~Finding new ways to connect to folks in my online community.  I am thinking Skype chats, individually and in groups.

~Trying to add some small bit of exercise to my day..walking to  the mailbox (apt dweller here), going for a short swim/float in the complex pool, even a short stroll around the apartment complex…something small tor connect me with my body and with the world around me.

~writing here and working on this site on a MORE than semi-annual basis!

So that is where I am in my journey right now.

Before I close though since this post touches upon the topic of depression, I figured I should include some resources on the topic… So here is an informative article from the New York Times, information from The National Institutes of Mental Health, and information from The Mayo Clinic…

Peace, and Blessed Be your journey,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart