Towards some new Beginings…

Dear Friends,

I am not sure why, exactly, the Gregorian New Year has been the Turning Point in my year this year, but that’s what it has been.

My work schedule allowed me to be home to toast in the New Year with The Fabulous Jonathan and share a New Years Kiss with him.  He is working through a number of health problems and finally beginning to take steps to deal with them productively,  I have been in contact with many of my family and friends vie phone and Facebook and reweaving strands of connection with many people I care about or who have touched my life for the better.

TFJ and I are striving to eat healthier this year for our health, and New Years Day we had a much needed heart to heart about the ups and downs of the last couple of years.  We have faced a lot of financial challenges, and the collision of our pasts as we stumble into, over, and around each others emotional baggage.  Yet we love one another and are in love with one another and we keep finding ways to talk.

That’s the key, isn’t it, to just keep talking and to remember that you love this person even when they are driving you mad?

On the spiritual front, I have already made some offerings of Oil and Honey Wine and Herbal Tea to the Household Spirits.  This is the week I will redress and dust off the Altar and begin reweaving my connections to the Gods and Ancestors…

They are there, and I take heart in my idea that They know that sometimes other connections and other parts of our Mortal lives take us away from our times with Them…

Now I need to go make some breakfast salad for TFJ and myself,

Peace, and a Blessed New Years,

Pax / Geoffrey

2 thoughts on “Towards some new Beginings…

  1. S.C. Tanner

    “That’s the key, isn’t it, to just keep talking and to remember that you love this person even when they are driving you mad?”

    In a word, YES! I married late in life because I waited for “Miss Right.” Miss Right came into the marriage with “baggage,” including three children. I didn’t think I had any “baggage,” but in time I found out that was hardly the truth. Unless someone lives in a vacuum, they will have “baggage.”

    The early years of our marriage were like a boiling cauldron. Many times I thought I would either end up divorced or going mad. Eventually, things calmed down to a simmer that tended to erupt into a rolling boil easily from time to time. However, this relationship developed into a fine potion in recent years… despite the economy going into the crapper and all sorts of other challenges that came our way. I could not imagine life without my wife now. However, there was a definitive turning point in our relationship.

    First, we both stopped talking to other people about our relationship issues. Second, we stopped listening to other people about our relationship issues. We realized that we both were unique individuals, so our relationship was bound to also be unique; what worked for other people would not necessarily work for us. We also realized that we did care enough about each other to want each other to be happy in the relationship also. Upon that foundation we started developing our own solutions.

    This may not be relevant to your relationship, but it is why I believe your statement (quoted above) is very true. I do not think your relationship issues are the result of sexual orientation, either; relationships between human beings are human issues. My father taught me, “It takes two to tango, and two to make war.” The implication is that you do not have to accept an invitation to fight anymore than you have to accept an invitation to dance. However, as a spiritual and magical being, you should know there is more magic in the dance than in battle.

    I wish you and Jonathan a marvelous new year.

    1. Pax

      Thank you for your words and your fathers wisdom there S.C.!!

      Yeah I would agree orientation doesn’t have much to do with it… although I do theorize that it can affect some things simply by the nature of societal/cultural assumptions threaded through Gender… which is its own form of baggage I suppose but which ALL of us will have to one degree or another.

      Funny how difficult it is to have perspective on our own baggage though…but its so easy to notice other folks? Of course the issue of perspective is part of why divination for someone else works so much better than divining for ourselves sometimes…

      Anyhow thanks again for reading and for commenting!


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