That Which is Remembered Lives: Cannon Hinnant

I say this to all my friends, those on the Left and the Right…

This child’s death is a tragedy!

His alleged murder, as identified by a witness, has been apprehended. The witness reports they saw a neighbor come out of his house, shoot this child, and then go back inside his house. His neighbor happens to be black…

That the Far Right here in the United States is seizing upon this child’s death and callously using it to besmirch others is a travesty!

“Where’s the National Outrage?!” people are asking….

I would refer you to the many, many, many voices who have advocated for sensible gun rights legislation, for examinations of gun violence as a cause of death in the United States by the government agencies that track crime and death statistics, and for examinations of enforcement strategies throughout the country.

I promise you. Those of us speaking out currently (and many Still, thank you all) against Racism, Police Violence, and Governmental Corruption; we have also been outraged and in some cases screaming about Gun Violence for most of the last 40 years.

Much to the chortling glee of some, and the widespread indifference and frequently vigorous resistance of many on the Right, as I recall?

Now I like to believe that in many cases Conservatives have been misinformed by and starved for objective facts (as opposed to ‘alternate’ ones) by special interest groups. Including those whose leadership has in recent years BOTH been visibly targeted by agents of foreign powers, and subject to the strictest of investigations related to embezzlement…

And yet….

That the far Right … indeed lets call it like it is…the Alt-Right …is using this child’s death to besmirch others and sow the seeds of racial division and fear that our Nation continues to struggle with as we strive to bend the moral arc of the universe in service to the ideals embodied in, and not yet fully realized under, the U.S. Constitution; that they transparently seek to whip up the flames of the torches of their most violence prone and ardent followers aka those “…very fine people….” as President Trump called them; that they are doing so in a time of Social Unrest, Economic Upheaval, and World-wide Pandemic is an atrocity!

I would respectfully ask my friends upon the Left and the Right that in the upcoming U.S. Elections, we hand these people such a crushing defeat that it will stand witness to posterity and the world that We The People will not stand for such a thing!

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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