Morning Coffee at The Witchcraft Lounge

So after a few weeks of scheduling adjustments at work, and some dramatic mental and emotional ups and downs (look for blog updates on these and other things in the next few days…), I am reclaiming my much-needed healthy morning routines AND my efforts at social media stardom 😆! Coffee, my meds and vitamins and supplements, quiet time, grounding and centering, offerings and prayer, daily tarot card draw, some journaling, hopefully breakfast (I am not a morning eater these days but I try to get something small in in the morning to go with the medication and for general health), maybe minecraft, and ,definately quiet time and coffee… lots of coffee! THEN the showering, shaving, and stuff to get ready for work or leaving the house.

Eventually the stacks of books and journals will have proper homes on the shelf under the coffee table…
A few key supplies and some amusements, out where they are handy…

As you can see from the pictures I have set up the familly room as a bit of a spiritual and religious study and workspace that is coming together nicely!

One of the keys, for me, to successfully journaling is to be open to the process and forgiving of myself. By that I mean I accept that I may not manage a detailed exploration of my self, some days it’s going to be a few notes or lines jotted down and some days it’s going to spur a few pages of writing. There are times where I am trying to get as much detail about something, and days where I write a few notes and generalities. It is a process and journey all its own and the important thing is to keep at it! Some days I am doing good to note the basics; date, day, Moon phase, time, planetary hour, and the Tarot card of the day and a few notes about the card meaning. Even then those notes provide food for thought throughout the day and the days that follow.

I try to give myself at least a couple of hours in the morning before the time I absolutely have to be getting ready for work or to do stuff in the outside world. Some days it’s a very calm and relaxed time and sometimes the time goes like quicksand… but I am coming to cherish my mornings and as I jokingly yet accurately call it, getting ready to get ready for my day.

What routines or rituals do you have that sustain you? How do you set up your personal spaces to sustain and support you spirit and faith?

Peace, Pax/Geoffrey