Notes on The Journey 3/7/2021


So today’s card of the Day, my regular Tarot Card Draw I do as I start some Shadow work in my life and try to get in better touch with my Subconscious, today’s card was The Chariot (reversed).

My immediate response was to sarcastically mutter “Imballance, there’s a News Flash!” as I picked up my phone to check the Labarynthos Tarot App and then my worn copy of A Complete Guide to The Tarot by Eden Gray to cross reference interpretations.  Then I was like “Finally, something that vaguely resembles advice!!!”

Then I started today’s journal page, noting the Date and Day, the Moon Phase, the Time, The Planetary Hour and the Planetary ruler of the day,  and then the Card of the Day.  Notes on the meanings and any related observations and thoughts stirred.

The questions of control that are stirred by The Chariot (reversed) were rather productive and feel like a seed for growth and development and contemplation and perhaps progress forward in my journey.

What can I control? What can I not?  Of the things I can’t control what do I do about it?  Do I seek control or somehow let them go?  Of life’s many uncontrollables can I somehow make plans or take steps to deal with them productively?  Even having these plans and taking these steps am I prepared for the fact that sometimes all plans and preparations don’t work out and the unexpected and occassionaly spectactularly bad things can happen?

I also wrote some notes about how I want to work on and write here going forward, and some notes about my Regular and Fluid Practices pt2 post.

Now I need to be about the rest of my day…

Blessed Be your Journey,

2 thoughts on “Notes on The Journey 3/7/2021

    1. Pax

      Well getting in better touch with one’s intuitive nature is one of the properties of the Tarot, or at least that’s been my experience in the past.

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