Notes on the Journey June 19th 2021


Hello again!

Day Job scheduling chaos and mundane household considerations have kept me busy and away from my writings here. We FINALLY have a new A/C system after almost 2 years, and one year of using a couple protable A/C systems to keep the house livable in the heat and humidity of Central Florida.

You will start noticing changes to the Online Resources page with updated links, and some links removed as no alternate can be found.

I’ve been digging into my explorations of various forms of social media on Twitter, and Instagram, and Tiktok mainly as I learn how the current social media ecosphere operates and interweaves between the different formats.

The work of my spirit and Craft has been in simple mode for the last several weeks. Grounding and Centering, irregular offerings to the Holy Powers, some reading and Podcast listening, and a lot of contemplation of my life and path.

Trying to map out how to knit together my desire to write and Witch more in my life, and how to fit it together with the chaos of my day job. This is made especially challenging because I have been wrestling a LOT in the last year and a half with my ADHD and accompanying executive dysfunction…

The adventure continues!

I am going to be chunking out an hour or two, here and there, throughout my days to work on Chrysalis and my writing, and some of my social media efforts . I am also going to be reviewing my regular practices and figure out which ones should go to a firm DAILY format to build my spiritual/magickal will and muscles.

So keep an eye out here as I will be posting things here with a bit more regularity than the last several months have seen.

Bliss, and Blessed Be your journey,
Pax / Geoffrey

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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