Notes on The Journey July 21st 2021


In the month since last I wrote here with oh, so many good intentions, my job life has gone through something of a wringer! We lost one Manager and two coworkers, all of whom left without notice. At an economy segment motel, in the height of the Summer travel season, in Florida, with no covid restrictions or quarantine measures, and frighteningly close to one of the theme parks.

*Takes a deep, cleansing breath, grounds, and chuckles*

It has been… an adventure!

In the midst of much scheduling chaos and double shifts and turn around shifts and six day work weeks… I found my full worksonna and my work-game again! This is good because being in ones zone in one part of ones life can, if you’re careful, lead to rediscovering your zone in other aspects of your life. Even though my practices remained at the daily basics, with little journaling or writing, and no where near enough reading for my tastes, I’ve been able to squeeze in some quality time with some dear friends, and pull my head together regarding some household chores and work.

Then I figured out how to read again, or rather how I read now. Time was I could sit down with almost any book and power through it in a few hours cover to cover, now instead of mentally devouring a book I snack on it. Nibbling here or there and sometimes setting it down for a few days to pick it up later. I can work on my reading skills, hell I took a class in Highschool designed solely to help one learn to read faster…. more pages in the same time frame; I can do that again.

I have also regained my self-confidence in my self as a Witch… which I had been stumbling with for a while.

A friend, and fellow Witch, of many years reached out to me and asked for prayers and spells for her husbands health as he began a battle with Cancer. I’ll go into some more detail magickally in the next post, but diving into Planetary hours, and Astrological correspondences, and Symbols and Runes and the raw and often wildly underestimated power of finding the right words… not only for a spell but for ones relationships with the Holy Powers. More on words, poetry, and relations with the Holy Powers later as well…


Pax / Geoffrey

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